Design & Engineering

Creating excellent aluminum cast parts for various types of industries is only part of what we do at NIPL We also offer complete die cast design services to ensure the finished product is ideally suited for your specific applications. A key element of our die casting design process is the development of customized prototypes that will bring your specific unique design and engineering requirements to life.

We utilize all modern techniques like UG NX/Flow 3D​, Pro-E to assist our team of experienced designers in developing proper tools and a high degree of operational reliability.

Die & Tool Making

NIPL molds are built and engineered completely in-house allowing lower prices, faster turnaround, and mold that best fits the customer’s needs. Interfacing precision CNC and EDM machinery with the latest computer technology, the Die & Tool Making Shop is at the forefront of modern die-cast mold making.

NIPL is available to work with you to accommodate your demands for sudden changes under tight schedules. We specialize in early involvement with careful planning and attention to the most critical details. Our dies are designed appropriately for your projected volume while minimizing secondary operations by incorporating the necessary features desired to create the net shape.

High-Pressure Die Casting

NIPL has comprehensive range of HPDC equipment ranging from 180Ton to 900Ton capable of producing components from 05gm to 6kg. It has always believed in acquiring state-of-the-art casting equipment from best possible source in the world. These are capable of producing complex and functional castings in a wide range in aluminium alloys.

Aluminum die casting has been a specialty of NIPL India for over 10 years. Our aluminum casting services have been helping engineers, product designers and architects bring their designs to life with state of the art part designs and reliable quality. Given our experience in the industry, together with our state-of-the-art equipment, our expert manufacturing and quality engineers, and production staff, you are guaranteed quality manufacturing of your parts and products at an economical rate with NIPL Our equipment covers almost all die casting engineering, designing and development needs your company may require, and our aluminum die casting plant is located in Faridabad and Manesar, Haryana

CNC Machining

NIPL offers in-house CNC machining as a complement to our die casting services. These CNC machines use a tailored approach to manufacture custom-made parts that are ready for product assembly.

NIPL maintains a comprehensive in-house machining facility with 100+ machining centers offering a wide range of capabilities. We customize our machining process to meet your specific requirements and budget. This further integrates our process to better serve our customers with a single source for complete die cast part production.

To assist in prototyping, die maintenance and other economical options, NIPL also maintains a complete line of conventional machining equipment to augment our CNC machining centers. This assures your project benefits from the highest level of expertise during every phase of the machining process.

Allied Operations

All facilities are supported by state-of-art lab along with a fully equipped standard room capable to conduct most of the In-house Inspection & Validation process.

Key equipments

  • De-Gasing
  • Trimming & Fettling
  • Leak Testing & Sub assemblies
  • Shot Blasting
  • Vibro
  • Powder Coating
  • Painting
  • Impregnation & Coating
  • Pre Washing