With the aim to achieve recognition as a brand and earn positive feedbacks in the business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered as the most important integral part of NIPL Vision and mission. Our company is focused on developing and achieve better financial performance. For this, we strongly believe in moving forward with wisdom and prosper in harmony. This is not only the guiding principle for our business activities, but also these are our CSR philosophy. Based on this principle, we always consider our activities with the interest of our society. We also ensure the protection of the environment while operating our business.

Our company firmly believes that the success of an organization is not just limited to its business achievements. Furthermore, we believe in operating in such a manner that we can contribute to the development of society and the environment by playing a positive and constructive role.Moreover, our team members participate in many activities that aimed at the sustainable development of society at a regular interval of time. In addition to this, we are also actively encouraging our employees to volunteer in social causes as per their capacity and time.

  • General Health Check-Ups & Raising Awareness through Health Talks
  • In-House Eye Check-Up Camps for NIPL Employees
  • Regular donations to various NGO’s such as Salutary Centre for Education & Development
  • Facilitation of Tree Plantation Initiatives